Funeral Doves

At the end of a graveside service, there are few things more powerful than the release of white doves. Bringing both closure and hope to all who attend. Our white doves are an excellent visual that will surely be remembered.

White Doves are a vivid symbol of hope. A close friend or relative can release the first dove, symbolizing the one we have come to honor. Then, the rest of the doves are released and unite with the first as they all gracefully circle overhead. Shortly after, the doves fly off into the horizon and return home. This is very symbolic of the way our Spirit one day will return home and unite with the ones we love. All life is eternal!

Popular Funeral Dove Releases

We also offer the following dove release services for your funeral; however, we invite you to choose any number of doves that would be meaningful to you and your loved one.

1. The Spirit Dove Release A single white dove is released by a family member, either by hand or from a small basket. As the dove flies into the sky, it will circle above the grave site before its return home.

2. The Release Three doves symbolizing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are released. Shortly after a single dove is released symbolizing the spirit of your loved one. The single dove will join the three doves in the sky and all will fly home together.

3. The Final Journey Home Release A single dove is presented to a family member to release, either by hand or from a small basket. Shortly after a flock of ten doves are released to join the single dove in the sky. The single dove symbolizes the spirit of the departed, and the flock symbolizes the spirits of those loved ones who have passed before; they join in the sky, showing the departed soul the way home.

4. The Dove Companion Release A white dove is displayed in a beautiful cage and placed near your loved one during visitation or during the grave site ceremony.

 Let Your Spirit Soar On Wings of Love!

If you have any questions please call
Ken, 801-833-8079  and we would be happy to help you.


A professional dove handler dressed for the occasion will be on site to take care of the dove release, leaving you free to enjoy the service.


Keepsake poems about the Symbolism of the White Dove can be seen by clicking here.

Funeral Video of a White Dove Release

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